Gravity is a European cooperation project aiming to develop electronic music culture by creating a foundation for an expanding network of electronic music venues.

The network serves as a supporting structure established to stimulate transnational mobility of selected local artists and to educate communities involved in the culture, as well as the public.

Primarily, but not exclusively, the project focuses on supporting peripheral electronic music culture communities by developing scenes along with young talent and up-and-coming artists.

The project’s initial phase will run for 2 years commencing in Spring 2021, including music events, panel discussions, talks, screenings and workshops in Berlin, Prague and Warsaw. The project has been supported financially by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Gravity is a network of electronic music venues established for a fluent and sustainable cooperation through artist and knowledge exchange.

The Network’s main goal is to enhance the transnational mobility of local artists. By giving opportunities to less recognised artists (along with the acclaimed ones), and by developing their careers through international appearances at partnering music venues, the network contributes to the amplification of selected local scenes.

For each run of the project all partners select several local artists who become involved in Gravity music events and other activities. The Network appoints a booking agent who works on booking opportunities for artists who don’t have a representative yet for the duration of the project, beyond Gravity’s main events. Artists are further presented in Gravity website’s Journal through various features.

The project’s timeline involves 7 separate events, with Warsaw, Prague, and Berlin holding two events each, and one to be held in Amsterdam. Exact dates of the events will be scheduled depending on the development of the pandemic. All events will be split into several days, with educational activities preceding the music events.

The educational platform will seek to educate music professionals as well as the public. Current issues and problematic aspects related to the electronic music industry, as well as organisational and creative practice, will be discussed during the course of panels, talks, lectures, screenings and workshops.

Gravity is an initiative of three European electronic music venues: Ankali, Jasna 1 and Revier Südost, which are also the first members of the Network.

For detailed information about the partnership please read the Partnership Guidelines.


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