Jędrzej Kowalczyk, also known as 'Kovvalsky', is a DJ, promoter, radio host and core member of Jasna 1 club in Warsaw, where he is the artistic director and one of the residents.

He has been active on the club scene for over 12 years and he was the driving force behind the inception of Jasna 1, one of the brightest clubs on the Polish club scene. While leading the programming of the club he doesn’t cut corners and never settles for anything less than his vision aims for. As a result, he has built a tight community around the club and a unique roster of its residents.

Outside of his work at Jasna 1, he has also been very prominent on the local Polish scene and has performed in most major clubs and festivals in the country. On top of it, he has also regularly played abroad in clubs such as: Berlin's Griessmuehle and //:about blank, Alphabet in Tel Aviv, Ankali in Prague, Korner in Taipei, Lizdas in Kaunas or Ballesta in Madrid.

Kovvalsky’s DJing can be characterized by a broad musical spectrum; from disco classics and italo experiments to house, electro, techno and songs that only few expect.

Together with Pitti Schmitti, Kovvalsky has been running his own club night called K.O.D. (Disco Defence Committee), which quickly became one of the must-see series on the Polish scene. The main mission of these nights is to offer something new and exciting to a scene overly saturated with techno. Jedrzej and Pitti also host a radio show called 'Jasna 1 Presents' at Newonce radio - one of the most influential media platforms in Poland.