Oliver Torr

Oliver Torr

Oliver Torr is a sonically hyperactive musician, music producer and composer working on intersections of leftfield electronica, avantgarde, visual arts and improvisation. After graduating from the British & Irish Modern Music Institute in London and studying audiovisual arts in Berlin, Oliver’s relocation to Prague has resulted in a harmonious coalescence of his numerous influences.

Oliver is a highly collaborative agent with deep involvement in numerous projects over the last couple of years. As a musician he has performed live regularly alongside several local artists including OGJ, David Herzig and Trauma, with releases appearing on local labels such as Nona Records, LBD Audio, XYZ Project and FM Label. He is a co-founder of XYZ Project, a platform for event production, music publishing and audiovisual art production, which has been active on and off since 2014.

He has been a member of the SHAPE Platform’s artist residency programme in 2020, during which he organised the Trans Europe Postal Express project, which explores the idea of chance music using a four-track tape recorder, sent to SHAPE artists around Europe over the pandemic.

His elusive music emerges from an obsessive mind picking up sounds 24/7. After a period of club-inspired track production he has been progressively moving towards experimentation and ambient performances based on live sound modulation. Recently, he has diverted towards postmodern approaches and the usage of tropes borrowed from popular genres. These influences converge in his genre-elusive TraumaTorr live act with fellow producer Trauma (club rhythmics colliding with noise and autotune anxiety), or on his first full-length album titled Fragility Of Context.

Being a music and technology aficionado, Oliver collects drum machines, synthesizers, andmodules, combining them through creative process with assorted hacked devices, tape machines and field recordings.