Gravity Network Update

Author: Gravity

Gravity Network has put almost all of its activities on hold after the incident taking place in the summer at one of its co-founding members, Berlin’s Revier Südost. Read on below for an update on the situation, what we have discussed and learned, and how we are moving forward.

Gravity is a European network of electronic music venues that share the same set of values, cooperate on different levels and aim to support emerging artists by bridging local scenes across Europe. That is why the incident regarding one of our founding members, Berlin-based Revier Südost (RSO), is of great concern to us. We have been in close contact and monitoring the situation since then, putting our live Gravity events on hold until we have a better understanding of the situation.

We oppose any form of discrimination or harassment, but also believe that actual change is possible and necessary. RSO has taken the time to address their issues and announced far-reaching changes; including training the entire staff on diversity and inclusion, setting up an external awareness team for future events and a complete reorganisation of their security team. They also hired a new club manager to further share responsibility and initiate further change. Read the full message from the entire RSO team published last week on their website, explaining all the work they’ve done and all the changes in detail.

While we discussed all options on how to move forward as a network, the latest positive news from RSO make us hopeful that changes over there will make a difference. There is a lesson to be learned for other members of the network as well. We as a Gravity team will do our best to apply the knowledge we all gained to prevent similar situations from happening in the future. And as planned, we will discuss topics of inclusivity, diversity and awareness in club culture in the debates, panels and talks included in our Gravity events.

Together we continue to work flat out on what matters most to us: the Gravity artists. In the next weeks we are going to release several new Gravity podcasts featuring Exhausted Modern, Franklin De Costa and Monster, as well as a feature interview with Olaf Boswijk, the founder of Amsterdam’s clubs Trouw and De School, who is currently running an art residency called Valley of the Possible. In the meantime we have started our quarterly collaboration with Mutant Radio, which premiered with Chloe Lula, Eva Porating and Facheroia. Stay also tuned for our first live event early next year in Prague.