Gravity Podcast #10 – Marie Pravda

Author: Jonáš Verešpej

With the latest measures forcing Marie Pravda to cancel her party, she met with a small group of friends instead and recorded the 10th episode of our podcast.

An intimate gathering of close friends as compensation for the original plans intended for the public. That is a scenario we’ve become quite familiar with in recent times, maybe even accustomed to and comfortable with. In a short Q&A with Marie Pravda we talk about the plans and ideas that worked, some that didn’t, and those yet to be fulfilled.

Last time we spoke, we talked about you becoming a ‘sort of a happier person’, in part thanks to lockdowns. How are you now, six months later?

The nice thing about those times during the first lockdowns was that I was having enough time to calm down and deal with some issues in my mind. That really helped me and made me sort of a happier person.

To be honest I am not holding up so well this time. Some obvious fragments of reality are disturbing my sense of freedom and I can feel that something has changed in my perception.

My close circle friends are also going through their shit and we are all helping each other, but I can feel that the level of the energy of each of us is going down. At least it's a good setup for making changes ))

We also spoke about music as a language and how you were still not sure how to handle the ‘happier’ emotions in your DJing.

That I still don't really know, but I progressed towards tracks with a richer sound. More psychoactive in a way and they feel much more kind. That is the sound I like to play right now.


I believe this mix was recorded in an interesting setting. What was the occasion? Paint us a whole picture.

Long story short: It was December 17th, a day on which we were supposed to have our party called Transcendanz. It got cancelled because of governmental restrictions, but we decided to meet anyway in an intimate circle of people in Studio410 in Brno. And I suggested that we should start our evening with a whole pill like we used to when we were younger, and then I started to play. And the rest…you get the picture. We all played and ended up listening to records even after the sun came up. Truly a super nice afterparty. I think the recording sounds like it ))

You’ve started two, more or less regular, club series – Planeta Pravda and Transcendanz. You don’t seem to be short on ideas for clubnight concepts and bookings. How did they go?

It all stems from an urge to provide an experience for the visitors of the party as well as for myself. When I felt the energy flowing among the dancers at the first Transcendanz party, I decided to keep at it and do more.


The poster for the cancelled Planeta Pravda event at Planeta Za.

We formed a creative group consisting of me, my best friend Anita, my brother Vojta and my best b2b partner Mikuláš aka Kosmic Skaut. Transcendanz emphasizes the trust-building between us organisers and the visitors. We just want everybody to have the kind of experience from which you can live off during the following days, including us. It is not about drawing people’s attention to big names on the poster. That is why we decided not to announce line-ups at all while still bringing interesting artists from abroad.

When I did my first edition of Planeta Pravda, I wanted to give visibility to my friends from Brno who are active on the scene there. I felt that it’s a shame they don't play as much in Prague. To be honest I was really touched by the support we got from people. I think the main purpose of Planeta Pravda is to connect. I would like to be able to expand these ideas, but regarding the current situation it is not possible right now.

You bought a one-way ticket to Mexico, leaving Prague in February. Why? What’s your plan?

This another lockdown made me realize that you cannot really plan for the future. So right now I want to see another part of the world and its culture, ideally get some opportunities to play, enjoy some sun. And after that, let’s see what the future holds ))

It was the time of ‘the end of the year’ lists. Do you know which pieces of music you played the most in 2021?

There is this release which popped to my mind instantly which I have’t got a chance to play yet, but I found it in 2021 and I will play it a lot in 2022.