Gravity Podcast #11 – Lokier

Author: Gravity

Lokier delivers the 11th episode of our podcast, a series of mixes introducing the Gravity Artist assembly. Recordings made at home, in the studio or in a club. In and out of lockdowns.

Lokier recorded the mix at home during the recent “light lockdown” in Berlin and while she decided to go for a “more chill vibe than usual”, her set is still strikingly effective and doesn’t pull any punches. We have checked in with the Mexican-born artist in a short Q&A below.

Hi Yoan! How are you? Where and how are you spending these cold winter days?

Hi! I’m doing good, thanks! I’m home right now and I’ve been here most of the time since all my January gigs got cancelled because of Covid. I’ve been trying to use this time to work on music and taking care of myself (eating as healthy as possible, going to the gym).

You’ve recently performed at the massive Amelie Lens’ Exhale event for thousands of people in Athens. How does it feel to play for such a massive crowd and how was this particular experience for you? Did you already get used to standing in front of such a large audience?


It was amazing! I didn’t even know that it was going to be such a massive crowd until I started playing. I started early so when I got there it wasn’t too crowded, and then at some point during my set I looked up and I saw the room full and I was blown away. I’ve only played a few massive shows before and I love it. It’s very impressive to see such big venues with all the people and lights, it’s a bit overwhelming but in a good way. Somehow I don’t get more nervous than when I play smaller parties, I guess because I always try to give as much as I can to the people.

You’ve also recently released an EP titled 'Back To Life' on Amelie Lens’ Lenske label. How did your collaboration with Amelie come to happen? Why ‘Back To Life’?

It was during the last lockdown when I saw that Amelie included my track “Shadow” on her Spotify playlist so I wrote her to say thank you. We talked for a bit and then she asked me to send her some music. I worked on a track that she liked and shortly after she asked me if I wanted to be part of Lenske. I didn’t expect it at all, I was super excited.

I named it “Back To Life” because when I was working on the EP I developed tinnitus so I had to stop working for months. We were in lockdown so it was easier to avoid music for a while. Amelie was always very understanding and supportive and she gave me time to recover. When I felt better I was finally able to finish the EP and I really felt like I was coming back to life!

You have started your own Light Strike label in 2020 but since your initial release, it’s been quiet over there. Have you encountered some setbacks?

Since I released my first EP on Light Strike I’ve had many work offers and proposals and to be honest I’m always super slow when I work on music. I hate that actually. Sometimes I can spend months without being able to get inspired. I definitely want to make a second EP but it’s going to take a while.

You were born in Mexico and you have lived in Barcelona and Berlin. Where is your home?

It’s hard to say. I definitely feel like Berlin is my home now but Mexico will always be in my heart. I miss it a lot sometimes, that’s why I try to go back once a year.

Do you follow the Mexican scene? I’ve read that your performances weren’t very well accepted there in your beginnings, but I also hear that the scene has changed a lot recently. Do you think Lokier could find a music homebase there now?

I don’t know too much about the scene now to be honest but I’ve noticed that everytime I go back there’s always a new party or club or even new DJs that I didn’t know before. I think there are more people that like the music I play now, at least I’ve had really good experiences and gigs in recent years. I don’t think the scene for the music I like is still big there but it’s definitely growing.

Can you recommend some of your recent horror cinema favourites?

Oh, to be honest, since my tinnitus developed I’ve been trying to relax and meditate a lot because when I get a bit stressed it gets worse. So sadly I’ve had to avoid horror movies for a while now. I think the last one I watched was Us by Jordan Peele. I loved it. The acting, shots, costumes, and the music are amazing. I even had the chance to go to an Us-themed haunted house in Universal Studios haha, and it was super cool!