Gravity Podcast #12 – Elena Sizova

Author: Gravity

After a short break we’re back with the 12th episode of our podcast contributed by Elena Sizova.

“Sizova’s funky mood basement comfort zone party mix” –– Elena’s title for the recording says it all. We've briefly spoke with the artist in a short Q&A below.

Hello Elena! Tell us a bit about how this mix was born. Where and how did you record it? What was your approach to it? How do you feel about it after it’s done?

The mix was born at my home studio, with all kinds of electronic music gathered from tracklists of parties I played in November and December. The podcasts I make home and the sets I play in clubs differ – it's weird for me to play bangers home alone. But this time I decided to find a compromise. As a result I had fun. Let’s call it “Sizova’s funky mood basement comfort zone party” mix.

How are you doing these days?

These days I’m calm and relaxed, enjoying life in general.

In the last 2 years you performed mostly in Belarus and had a couple of shows in Russia, due to the limited traveling possibilities: Did this somehow infect your sets?

Yes, my traveling possibilities are very limited at the moment, indeed. But I’m trying to find a solution to this situation. It didn’t infect my sets at all – I like to play with the mind of a listener doesn’t matter where.


Are you able to discover new places and things in these times? If so, what were the highlights?

With the pandemic and limited travelings I became very introverted so I spend a time mostly home – working on myself, music, reading a lot. If I were to talk about places, my highlights were those couple shows in Russia. My first experience playing for such a huge crowd (around 7000 people) at Signal festival, then nice club Mutabor in Moscow, and a weekend at one of my favorite cities St.Petersburg.

Where do you find inspiration for producing and writing new music?

From the Holy spirit.

What are your plans for the future?

Research and Development.