Gravity Podcast #3 – Kimmy Msto

Author: Jan Henschen

For the third episode of our podcast Gravity artist Kimmy Msto from Hannover has done what he knows how to do best – 62 minutes of strictly rhythmic and hypnotic techno. Before delving into his sonic story, read a quickfire chat we had with Kimmy to learn more about the artist.

What are you up to these days? What's the situation in Hannover?

At the moment the situation here in Hannover is difficult because since the start of the pandemic the clubs are closed and it’s even not possible to do open air events. So we are waiting for things to get better. In the meantime I talk with my friends about music and life. I do regular DJ live streams from my living room and share them via Instagram. I’m happy that I can reconnect in this way with my music friends from everywhere in the world. Beside the music I spend a lot of time with my girlfriend and my family.

Can you tell us where you've recorded the mix and how have you approached it?

I recorded the mix at home. I prepared the mix like always – the tracks must be something special. I always look for certain labels and producers and listen carefully to the productions and try to research the background. To discover little stories and to recreate them into a story of my own. With this I would like to take the audience by hand on a journey that is absolutely timeless and is still entertaining even after listening to it several times.

What else other than DJing do you do in your life?

I am passionate about organizing my events. During the pandemic, my girlfriend Doni and I started a new project called Code. As soon as we can start with events again in Hannover we want to start with the first events.

Code is about quality techno and house music in connection with selected visual concepts. It is a series of events as well as a music label, with strong emphasis on anti-discrimination, inclusion and freedom for all.

In addition to music, I love to travel, do sports and I like to be with people who I feel good spending time with.

What have you been doing while you weren’t able to DJ or make events?

The time wasn't easy, but I tried to keep motivated and meet people as much as I could. We have been constantly exchanging ideas about new projects and how the scene in Hanover can be improved after the pandemic.

How did you become a DJ, what was the initial impulse?

I became a DJ 12 years ago. At that time I got inspired by artists like Ben Klock, Carl Craig or Ricardo Villalobos to name a few. First I usually played at friends' houses, until later when I started getting opportunities to play more and more at clubs.

I would like to take people on a journey in which everyday life no longer plays a role. It's about enjoyment and about letting yourself go, not feeling any inhibitions.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Where do you come from? What are your origins?

I was born in Aleppo, Syria. I came to Germany when I was 15. I’ve been doing events for about 7 years. I also had 2 clubs in Hannover.

What are your favourite places in Hannover to go to listen to music?

I prefer listening to music at home, because my home is my temple.

And if you go out, where do you go?

I love my neighbourhood – the Linden district which is an alternative, artsy suburb. There I love to take walks by the river Ihme and listen to music. If you are visiting Hannover I can recommend to you my favorite restaurant 11A and a really cool music bar Bukowski's.