Gravity Podcast #7 – Franklin De Costa

Author: Jan Henschen

Franklin De Costa took things slow for another episode of our podcast and delivered a mix full of trippy twists and spacey tunes. It’s Monday, so why don’t we keep it slow too: let’s kick back, put on the mix and enjoy what Franklin has to offer.

Where do you get inspiration for your mixes and what makes a mix special in your opinion?

Inspiration comes from the tunes. Certain special tracks that might not work on the dance floor but will give a mix that edge. I'm usually interested in creating mixes that drive on the borders of dancefloor compatibility.

As a producer, DJ, live performer and promoter you have been an active member of Berlin’s electronic music scene for many years. You grew up near Frankfurt. How did you find your way to electronic music and were there other musical influences that shaped you?


In my younger days I had to rely on recommendations from friends or certain radio shows I was taping. My friends gave me some mixtapes on which I didn't have a clue what was going on, but they sounded very interesting. From early Gabba to Trance tapes. I always loved instrumental music like Art Of Noise or some of those over the top epic instrumental Mike Oldfield LPs. But I wasn't fixed to styles. More like certain LPs from certain Artists.

Amongst the big influences were also computer game soundtracks, the demo scene from the Amiga 500 area or extended remixes from commercial dance tunes, which gave them a much less commercial vibe. I listened a lot to the HR3 Clubnight while drawing pictures for hours in my room. The next step were the first club visits and also some early DJing with two tape decks and tracks I've recorded from CDs.

The pandemic was and is an intense time for everybody. Especially artists had to suffer a lot. How did you make it through this time?

Well, I'm still trying to manage.

You are the founder of 'Mother's Finest Berlin' – a label and event series with a diverse and high quality line-ups. Just recently you’ve celebrated the 8th anniversary of your imprint at the Renate club. Eight years is a long time. Can you tell us how it is going and what drives you?

Club environment is a special place for me so I'm always drawn back to it. I’ve missed it a lot during the pandemic, since almost all social interactions were gone. In the future we'll release more EPs. Also, MF will be back regularly at Oxi Club, plus there will be more events internationally.

As for everyone in the Gravity Network, music is a huge passion. What else do you like to do in your free time?

I'm a movie nerd and during the pandemic I came back to working with visuals. Started experimenting with generative art and having fun zooming out with it.