Radio Punctum Special

Author: Gravity

Gravity Network collaborated with Radio Punctum for a special broadcast dedicated to Extra Muros, the music residency which was a part of our 2nd event in Prague.

In a 4-part special put together by Gravity Network, we offer a closer look behind the scenes of Extra Muros, the globe-trotting music residency enterprise run by Olivier Duport and Alan Marzo, who accepted our invitation to organise a week-long residency at Planeta Za as a part of Gravity Prague #2 event.

Originally aired on Radio Punctum on December 26, the broadcast includes an interview with Olivier Duport, one of the masterminds behind the residency as well as Flee Project, the publishing house for Extra Muros album releases.

Interviewed by Jonáš Verešpej, Olivier explains the origins of the residency, the inspiration and selection process for each edition, and gives insight into the label and Prague's edition.


Temporary studio at Planeta Za (Ankali).

Second part of the special is a recording from the residency's closing concert. Six participating artists who worked on collaborative music pieces during the week gathered for a rather improvised live performance, which took place at Planeta Za on December 1, 2022.

As a Prague-based musician and Gravity Artist, Oliver Torr was invited to take lead in the residency and was joined by 5 artists selected via open call.

Extra Muros Prague artists:
– Andriy Kostyukov (UA)
– Haich Ber Na (UK)
– Jay Glass Dubs (GR)
– Oliver Torr (CZ)
– Rlung (RU)
– timmi (SK)


Oliver Torr (left).

Additionally, Olivier Duport and Andriy Kostykov recorded 1-hour DJ mixes each for the broadcast.

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