Gravity Warsaw #1 announced!

Author: Gravity

Gravity Network finally arrives to Warsaw to organise its 3rd event, which will take place on September 15–17, 2022, at Jasna 1.

For our first event in the Polish capital, Gravity comes back with a new round of panel talks on September 15th. For this upcoming edition, the focus is put on topics of political relevance such as LGBTQ+ club culture in Poland, night economies in countries at the periphery of Europe or, given its proximity, the impact and ongoing bearing of the Ukrainian war.

Club Culture & Night Economy

🚩 The panel will explore the complex relationships and issues the night clubs and other cultural organisations have (or lack) with their surroundings, audiences, and other cultural, state or private institutions.


As the scenes all around the world develop and keep spreading, they have and increasing impact on their environment – on local cultures, communities and cities themselves. While the topic of nigh time governance has become an integral part of the discussion in many cities across the global west, where night mayors and club commissions are being established as infrastructures and mediators for common good, smaller scenes in eastern and central Europe often lack these structures and have to navigate through complex issues on their own.

The panel titled ‘Club Culture & Night Economy’ will welcome several guests from the Polish scene, including dtekk of Up To Date Festival and FOMO Klub, Łukas Warna Wieslawski of Granko Agency, Karol Czerniakiewicz and Zuzanna Gierszon of Pogłos as well as Sanjin Nesimi from Prague’s Ankali. The panel will be moderated by Dominika Sitnicka.

How to sustain a cultural venue in the current post-pandemic world, with growing inflation, private developers, money-oriented local governments and lack of audiences? What models of operation work and which have failed for our panelists? Are night time governance methods from the west applicable in their context?

LGBTQ+ Club Culture in Poland

🏳️‍🌈 Titled ‘LGBTQ+ Club Culture in Poland’ and moderated by Anton Ambroziak of, the panel will discuss the country’s queer scene today, its evolution as well as the challenges it has to face in future. Our dear panelists – Krysztof Makuch aka Gladi of Metropolis Warsaw, Karolina Mełnicka of Mazury Club, Poko (Przemek) Madej of pozqueer and DJ Pepe Le Puke – will discuss the topic from their promoter, artist and activist perspectives to define the shape the queer culture has carved for itself as well as the part it plays in the highly conservative Polish society.

Ukrainian Electronic Scene During War & Beyond

🇺🇦 The last panel of the upcoming Gravity Talks in Warsaw will focus eastwards – on the electronic music scene of sovereign Ukraine which has been fighting since February for its freedom and independence after being monstrously attacked by Russian troops. The panel will host 3 artists from Ukraine, Bejenec, Facheroia and Nastia, as well as Eugen Skrypnyk, the organiser of Shum.Rave an event platform based in Sloviansk shining some light into the grim future.

Gravity Warsaw #1 [talks]: Bejenec, dtekk, Granko Agency, Nastia, Shum Rave, pozqueer and more

📬 The entry to Gravity Talks on September 15 at Jasna 1 is free of charge but a registration via is required due to limited capacity.


The talks are wrapped up by a fundraising event that will include Nastia, locals Ola Teks and Monster, and many more.

For the club weekend, artists from the Gravity roster like dtekk, fleika, Yan, Eva Porating and Facheroia will be joined at the decks by Roi Perez, Valentino Mora and Vladimir Ivkovic.

Gravity Warsaw #1 [clubnight]: Eva Porating, Vladimir Ivkovic, dzuma / Facheroia, Roi Perez, dtekk

Gravity Warsaw #1 [clubnight]: fleika, Valentino Mora, Yan / Anna Borsuk, Bejenec, Dangermami


Artwork for the event was made in collaboration with Nina Izycka.