Warsaw #1

  • Talks
  • Clubnight for UA (Thu)
  • Club (Fri)
  • Club (Sat)

We invite you to Warsaw's Jasna1 for an afternoon of Talks approaching the three topics listed below.

Detailed schedule and full line-up to be announced soon.

Jasna 1

Club Culture & Night Economy
Moderated by Dominika Sitnicka

– dtekk (Up To Date Festival/FOMO)
– Łukasz Warna Wiesławski (Granko Agency)
– Sanjin Nesimi (Ankali, Gravity)
– Karol Czerniakiewicz (Pogłos)

Ukrainian Electronic Scene During War and Beyond
Moderated by Maciek Piasecki

– Bejenec
– Richie Beige (Shum Rave)
– Facheroia (Kem, Gravity)
– Nastia (Nechto Records/Strichka Festival)

LGBTQ+ Club Culture in Poland
Moderated by Agata Pyzik

– Krzysztof Makuch/Gladi (Metropolis Warsaw)
– themsel in distress (Ciężki Brokat)
– Poko Przemek Madej (pozqueer)
– Pepe Le Puke (Rejwkolektyw Suabo)

Warsaw #1
Self-care in Awareness Work
Focus Shift: Navigating the Evolving Landscape of Photography
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On Mental & Physical Well-being in Nightlife
Social Safety in Nightlife
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Working in Nightlife
Safer Clubbing
Aware & Safe: Harm Reduction in Poland's Nightlife
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AI Music for Dummies with Julek Ploski
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Club Ready Live Sets
Vinyl Workshop with Dana Ruh
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Together, Somehow
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Artist Talk with bijū
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