Home-work & Body-music

A talk and screening by Charlotte Bendiks

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Charlotte Bendiks often refers to her music as body-music, which can be understood as music that comes from the body, both intellectually and physically. As music that develops through a process of being a body in the world, of accepting one`s body, loving it and feeling safe in it - and in the world. By letting your body move to and be moved by music, the body partakes in structures that reach beyond the dancefloor.

Bendiks talks about home-work when she talks about her work. For her, home-work, like body-music, points to the mental and physical labor that bodies perform when going through transformative moments. It is about being aware and delving into the complexities of the moment. It is about paying attention to all the components that make up a body in space, whether it being societal, cultural or biological ones.

The Norwegian artist will give a talk on her practice in Mutant Radio on July 12, 2024. The talk includes a screening of a silent film The Abyss: The Woman Always Pays.Entry is free of charge.

Home-work & Body-music
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