Together, Somehow

A talk with Luis Manuel Garcia-Mispireta and rRoxymore.

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In his latest book titled Together, Somehow [Duke University Press, 2023] Luis Manuel Garcia-Mispireta examines how people find ways to get along and share a dancefloor, a vibe, and a sound. Drawing on time spent in the minimal techno and house music subscenes in Chicago, Paris, and Berlin as the first decade of the new millennium came to a close, Garcia-Mispireta explains this bonding in terms of what he calls stranger-intimacy: the kind of warmth, sharing, and vulnerability between people that happens surprisingly often at popular electronic dance music parties.

“A lot of [intimacy on the dancefloor] happens precisely because we don’t actually know all that much about each other,” says the author.

Gravity Network & Ankali will host a pre-club talk with Luis on Friday [Jan 12] at pluto [Planeta Za]. During the evening, Luis will be reading excerpts from his book, talking about his research and the ideas behind, followed by a 1-1 conversation with rRoxymore, and a Q&A.

Luis Manuel Garcia-Mispireta is a scholar, curator, and practitioner of popular electronic music, using practice-led ethnographic methods. Luis is also a DJ and member of Berlin’s Room 4 Resistance collective.

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