Aware & Safe: Harm Reduction in Poland's Nightlife

A talk with Polish grass-roots collectives.

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Ahead of the Gravity Clubnight at Jasna 1 on February 10, join us for an insightful talk on raising awareness of harm reduction in nightlife, with a particular focus on drug and awareness policies. The discussion will feature Polish grass-roots collectives and organizations, including Kolektyw Chemia, Miazmat, and Społeczna Inicjatywa Narkopolityki. Panel will be moderated by Awareness Team member of Jasna 1, Kasia.

Start: 18.00.
Entry is free of charge.
A reservations is not required but help us in anticipating the amount of visitors to optimize our space, send an email to to let us know you're coming.

Kolektyw Chemia, represented by Nela Zielińska and Justyna Krawczyk on the panel, is dedicated to raising awareness and educating individuals about the so-called date-rape pills: their effects, symptoms of poisoning, and potentially risky situations. Comprising over 40 volunteers from across Poland, the collective benefits from scientific support in the fields of chemistry and toxicology. Continuously educating themselves on the technical aspects of psychoactive substances, they organize workshops and training sessions to enhance awareness regarding the date-rape pills.

Społeczna Inicjatywa Narkopolityki [The Social Drug Policy Initiative] is a non-governmental organization dedicated to harm reduction. It supports the idea of decriminalizing the possession of psychoactive substances for personal use, enabling individuals with addiction to access diverse and effective forms of treatment, reducing the harms associated with drug use, and allowing currently illegal substances for medical use in specific cases. SIN operates at clubs and music festivals, providing harm reduction services.

The organization will be represented by Justyna Bryka, 4th year psychology student and SIN volunteer, who is actively involved in Warsaw’s nightlife, and Artur Hołdasiewicz, a neuroscience enthusiast with a grasp in the club scene and an active member of SIN with over three years of experience in educating party-goers about Psychoactive Substances.

Miazmat is a young and underground collective aiming to bring back the original atmosphere and sound of the techno movement through their activities. Each party represents a different concept and message regarding the current state of the scene. Co-founder of the collective Mateusz will join the talk.

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