Prague #2

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Ankali & Planeta Za in Prague host the 2nd iteration of Gravity Clubnights on December 2, 2022.

Ankali & Planeta Za

Gravity Artists Chloe Lula (RSO), dtekk (Jasna1) and fleika (Ankali) will play Ankali’s main floor along Aurora Halal, the DJ, producer and head of Mutual Dreaming event series and Sustain Release festival.

The intimate floor of Planeta Za will be overseen by Refuge Worldwide, the Berlin community radio station which transformed from a fundraising platform working in solidarity with grassroots organisations into a 24/7 online broadcast in 2021, amplifying music and issues they care about. Refuge is currently on their European Tour and will make a stop at Prague with residents Gramrcy, No Plastic, O.N.A and YUI, joined by Gravity’s Mor Wen on the bill.

In cooperation with AIAIAI, Refuge Worldwide will host a public DJ workshop with O.N.A on Friday (Dec 1). Everyone can apply at

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