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Jasna 1 & Gravity Network will present and edition of Dzikie Ciała (Fierce Bodies), a dance & free body movement workshop organised by DJ daisy cutter and choreographer Marta Ziółek.

Jasna 1, Warsaw

Dzikie Ciała (Fierce Bodies)
w/ daisy cutter & Marta Ziółek

What is the physical and emotional motivation of our bodies to move? What emotions accompany us in movement and how can they be consciously transformed into a shared gesture, action, dance? How do we build connections, reciprocity between bodies, co-existence, shared forms of resistance and co-feeling in movement?

The starting point for the workshop is the need to create a space of celebration of FREE BODIES, dedicated to the community-forming, socially-purifying power of dance. It is based on a hybrid technique enhancing individual and group presence.

The participants draw on experiential anatomy and somatic techniques, deepening the feeling and awareness of bodies. The dance practice will be built modularly with live music played by DJ daisy cutter.

Sessions combine both elements of dynamic meditation, footwork from club and street culture and trance dances, and explore different dynamics and nature of movement, different types of movement and physical expression.

The workshop is free of charge and will be led in English.
📥 A reservation via is required due to limited capacity of the event.

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