Berlin #1

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Revier Südost invites you to an afternoon full of talks approaching subjects relevant to its stakeholders.

Baergarten at Revier Südost

Clubbing after Lockdown

What are the effects of the pandemic on the nightlife scene?Emerging from the COVID-19 crisis, we are seeing the revitalisation of large-scale face to face social events. But what particular effects and developments did it instigate for the nightlife scene?

Hosted by Anastasia Tikhomirova (Zeit Online, TAZ)

– Andrea Piest (SONAR Safer Nightlife Berlin)
– Marcel Weber (SchwuZ, Clubcommission)
– Kilian Laurinck (X Sanitätsdienst)
– Lilia van Beukering (Femme Bass Mafia)

New Challenges for Club Culture

Looking back at the tumultuous changes in our social coordinates over the past few years, it is often difficult to make an accurate assessment of what practices have really changed, and what conventions have been upheld and supported.

Hosted by Kai Sachse (Clubcommission)

– Konstanze Meyer (Clubtopia, BUND + clubliebe e.V.)
– Robert Serek (Jasna 1)
– Natasha Padabed (More Zvukov Agency)

Black Lives Matter & the Club Industry

With some perspective on the scope and scale of the Black Lives Matter movement breaking into the global consciousness at the onset of the Pandemic 2 years ago, we investigate how the message has been processed and acted on in the club industry.

Hosted by Christine Kakaire

– Michael Müller (Triangle Agency)
– Felton Cortijo / Xiorro (RSO)
– Nene H (Incienso)

Techno Capitalism and the Instagram Economy

The western music industry operates in the wider context of a constantly progressing Capitalist economy. But how have the global economy’s developments changed the music industry to what it is today, and what part do radically modern social media platforms take in all this?

Hosted by Nicky Böhm (Refuge Worldwide, Berlin Atonal)

– Katty Lange (Triangle Agency)
– Hubert Spangler (Süddeutsche Zeitung, DJ Bloomfeld)
– Chloe Lula (Resident Advisor)
– DVS1 (Aslice, HUSH, Mistress Recordings)

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